Better Off This Way ♫

This is a very old recording and unfinished, but I thought I’d post it anyway. Hope you like it!

It’s been a heavy day
There’s something on my mind
You can’t just blame me for
The feelings you can’t find

The past is the past
Let’s keep it that way
My life’s getting better and I’ve got to say
I don’t miss you – we’re both better off this way.

It’s not that I dislike you I think you’re just fine
I wish you could be happier more of the time
Life isn’t perfect and life isn’t fair
You play your cards however you dare…

One thought on “Better Off This Way ♫

  1. Don’t know why I didn’t respond at the time – it certainly pins down (like a butterfly in a cabinet?) a feeling and time that many could identify with.
    How would you work on it without losing the edge?

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