Current Music Projects

I’m currently involved with the following bands and music projects:

The Sterrys Jazz Trio

Light jazz, perfect for any special occasion dinner.

Band Members: Hannah Sterry (flute/alto flute), John Sterry (keys), Joe Sterry (saxophone/flute).

Previous Bands

Ansa Back | Eight-Piece Party Band

Lively music suitable for a variety of dances and special occasions.

Playing everything from KT Tunstall to Black Sabbath.

Jethro Tull-like flute solos included.

Band Members: Brian (rhythm guitar), Paul Adams (sax), Joe Sterry (sax), Amy McSweeny (lead singer), Wayne Neil (bass), Clare Hannaford (drums), Hannah Sterry (flute), Greg Taylor (guitar).

Hamer & Isaacs Gypsy Swing Band (Guest Only)

Volcanic, swinging gypsy jazz portraying the influence of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France.

*I regularly appear as a guest with this band, but only at select performances. Appearances with this band are listed on the Live Music page.

Hannah Sterry | Solo Harpist

Light music, ideal for weddings and special occasions.

A flute and harp duo is also available.



Occasional Guest Appearances with

Hamer & Isaacs | Gallows Ghost | Ben Carr | Becky Brine | Tez Locke

For a more up to date record of my experience see Live Music & Events.

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