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The Sterrys |The Faux Furs |  History of Lies | Dubclass | The Hot Club of Stonehouse | Hamer & Co.Ben Carr | Gallows Ghost | The Carrivick Sisters | Sarah Barnett

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Helen Sterry  |  Elinor Sterry  |  Bobbi Fulcher-Smith  |  Anna Ventura  |  Jazz Greenhill


Jon Plimmer | Greg Taylor 

2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Hannah, Thanks for following at Home’s Cool! Hey — I play flute! (Or did in high school and college, about 50 years ago! — First chair al the way.) 🙂 I love jazz and have played some of the older stuff, but most love a good Sousa march and a Dflat piccolo. My favorite jazz piece I’ve ever played was “Take Five” Love the rhythm challenge, and the way it works so well with the percussion. Have you ever played any Vaklav Nehlibel?(Well, wow, did I even come close on the spelling?) Anyway, he’s another one for great flute and percussion.
    I’d love hearing you play, but living over here, it might not ever happen. Thanks again for the follow. ❤ Katharine

    1. Thank you too! I love “Take Five”! It it’s really funny if you play it while people are dancing – they don’t know what to do with the extra beat! 😛

      Hadn’t come across Václav Nelhýbel until you mentioned him (just googled him and had a listen). The pieces of his I’ve heard so far sound quite expressive/dramatic and good fun, so I’ll have to keep a bit more of a lookout!

      Thanks for dropping by! 😀

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