The Eye Phone iphone by Hannah Sterry Cartoons. Sticky post

The EyePhone

This was in the last post about the Sterry Cartoons competition, but I thought it deserved its own blog post! Now for my version of silly advertising speak: Do you have thumbs? Do you want to see more cartoons? Do you like making random strangers smile occasionally? Then ‘Like’ Sterry Cartoons on Facebook and have a giggle! 🙂 Silly advertising over! Have fun and laugh lots! x … Continue reading The EyePhone

"It's PC gone mad, I tell you!" by Sterry Cartoons. Cartoon requested by Bilgeboy Bob. Sticky post

It’s PC gone mad, I tell you!

Last week I asked people to send in their requests for Sterry Cartoons on Facebook and here’s the first completed cartoon! This particular request was from ‘Bilgeboy Bob’, who suggested: A crossed eyed cartoon computer with tongue hanging out, jumping up and down – caption “It’s PC gone mad, I tell you!” I think I got most of it, except the jumping up and down part. I really … Continue reading It’s PC gone mad, I tell you!

The Fire Horse by Hannah Sterry. An illustration of a rearing stallion on the surface of a flame-covered sun!

The Fire Horse

The Fire Horse by Hannah Sterry is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to print this and use it for cards, wall pictures and general personal use! If you really like it and want to show your appreciation you can make me incredibly happy by sending a little donation via PayPal or sharing this post on facebook and twitter. Either of these things … Continue reading The Fire Horse