UX Design

My work as a UX (User Experience) Manager involves understanding the needs of customers from all over the world and designing applications that enable them to make unique products using 3D printers, stamping, cutting and plotting machines. I work closely with an outstanding team of developers and quality assurance experts and am constantly looking for innovative ways to make our customers’ lives just that little bit easier.

When I’m not designing software, you can usually find me playing gypsy jazz, sketching amusing t-shirts for Sterry Cartoons or watching sci-fi series.

∙ Reduced the cost of software translations by 45% by devising a system to remove and sync duplicate translations and determine whether general or expert software translators were required.
∙ Improved efficiency and flexibility by introducing interactive prototypes which enabled usability testing to begin before starting development.
∙ Attended the annual Silhouette Summit in Hawaii to demo our new software and gain valuable customer feedback.
∙ Assisted in the development of the patented PixScan technology (US 20150324950).

∙ Rapid Prototyping
∙ Usability Testing
∙ Interaction Design
∙ UX Design for Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows) and Desktop (OS X, Windows)
∙ 2D/3D CAD software and CNC Machines
∙ Workflow Optimisation

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