Chicks… as promised!

Cute baby hen chick, tiny curious chickens. Image ©Hannah Sterry 2012
Fluffy chick at about two weeks old. Image ©Hannah Sterry 2012
Fluffy chick at about two weeks old. Image ©Hannah Sterry 2012

A few weeks ago our chicks hatched and here’s how they look now!

The chicks have been called Aslan, Fluffo and Shakespeare and seem to be quite happy pottering around the garden with mum! We had to put a finer wire mesh over the top of their run because Shakespeare kept escaping and we were worried that the cats might eat him if he did it again. One of the chicks also seems to like ‘piggy-back rides’ and will just sit on mother hen while she’s looking for food.

Mother hen with chicks. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Mother hen with chicks. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Chillin' with the chicks. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Chillin’ with the chicks. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

I think I’ve also managed to accidentally prove that chicks are basically baby dinosaur descendants. I mean… just look how freaky this one is when it looks directly at me.

Definitely descended from a dinosaur. That chick's stare scares me just a little. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Definitely descended from a dinosaur. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

Admittedly it might have just been a bit cross because I didn’t have any worms and I’d just interrupted it’s daily routine of wandering around the chicken run for hours, but I’m not sure I deserved this level of ANGRY GLARE! At least it’s not big enough to eat me!

More baby birds soon. I need to tell you about ‘Pidge’! x

Chicks coming soon!

Cute chicken family with chicks.

Our hens are broody at the moment and I’m looking forward to photographing the chicks once they hatch! Hopefully there’ll be more cute comedy moments like this!

Hannah Sterry Photography

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Photography is my way of showing my appreciation and love of the beautiful South Devon countryside and the local wildlife. A particular interest in macro photography means I can often be found in awkward crouching positions near flowers, just trying to get the perfect shot of a colourful bee or butterfly.

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Photoblog: Dartmoor Zoological Park

Here are collection of photos that I took on a visit to Dartmoor Zoological Park (the zoo that the story/film “We Bought a Zoo” is based on). If you’d like to see more or larger pictures, I’ve uploaded a whole album of zoo photos on RedBubble. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Dartmoor Zoo Peacock by Hannah Sterry
Peacock Blue
Dartmoor Zoo Mandarin Duck - Photo by Hannah Sterry
Mandarin Duck
Lynx have to be some of the most chilled out creatures I have ever seen. The tufty ears are great too.
“What’s for dinner?”
Dartmoor Zoo - Bear in the woods by Hannah Sterry
If you go down to the woods today…
Capybara – The largest rodents on earth.

I would love to hear any comments you’ve got about the photos or this blog in general, so please feel free to comment and ask questions. I’ll try to answer as soon as I can!

Ollie – New Kitten

Here’s Ollie – the newest member of the Sterry household!

A few funny things have happened since he came to live with us and he’s shown himself to have quite a bit of character!

5 Things he really seems to like:

  • Rubbing his face on everything and purring madly. Sometimes he does this to wake me up.
  • Hiding in the bath. He loves trying to attack water, but seemed a bit shocked once when he jumped in the bath, only to find that it was full of water. Here he is hiding in the sink:

    Ollie hiding in the sink.
    Sink Cat
  • Playfully biting toes. He’s fairly gentle and doesn’t use claws, but it tickles!
  • Annoying the other cats until they get mad and hiss and growl at him or take a swipe. He nibbles their tails if he’s in a really irritating mood.
  • Weird Sleeping Positions…
Ollie's Crazy Sleeping Pose

He’s a bit mad, but I love him to pieces.