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Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist

Performing I’m an experienced jazz and classically trained flautist regularly performing with a variety of local and visiting musicians (see Live Music & Events). Most recently I’ve played with Hamer & Isaacs gypsy swing band and The Sterrys as well as being involved with a number of local events, including Malborough Amateur Dramatics Pantomime and Hope for Howard. I am also available to perform solo on the … Continue reading Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist

The Sterrys: Tuesday night is music night

The 25th of September marks the last Tuesday Night is Music Night of this year and I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone at The Cottage Hotel, on behalf of The Sterrys, because we’ve had an amazing time. It’s been great fun playing at The Cottage Hotel every week this summer and we’ve met some wonderful people, tasted some absolutely amazing food … Continue reading The Sterrys: Tuesday night is music night

“How far do these music jokes go?”

Answer: Too far! Yes, I have some more music cartoons for you and they’ll be available in my shop shortly (when I get round to it). There are more over on Sterry Cartoons facebook page. In the meantime, it’s been an exciting few weeks and I haven’t blogged much, so here’s what’s been happening recently: The Sterrys live music for Tuesday Night is Music Night … Continue reading “How far do these music jokes go?”

Fading Notes II - Flute Keys Version

THIS WEEK: Upcoming Gigs & Fluid Pianos

Here’s what’s happening this week: Tuesday Night is Music Night at the Cottage Hotel. I’ll be playing flute as part of The Sterrys and watching the sun setting over the water at Hope Cove. Feel free to relax with a cocktail and enjoy the music! Starts at 6:45pm. Wednesday… brings the second of Ben Carr’s Music Sessions at The Hideaway. Anyone can come along, bring an instrument and join in … Continue reading THIS WEEK: Upcoming Gigs & Fluid Pianos

The Sterrys: Tuesday Nights at The Cottage Hotel

Tuesday Night is Music Night at The Cottage Hotel has been a great succes, and was particularly lovely today, as we [The Sterrys] arrived to the sun shining and played until we saw it setting over the sea. Here are the photos from the evening: John and Joe setting up in the sun. Taking turns to improvise. John suddenly turns in to a giant while … Continue reading The Sterrys: Tuesday Nights at The Cottage Hotel

Ben Carr's First Music Hall & Blues Night at The Hideaway Speakeasy

This Week’s Music Highlights

It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable, musical week with lots of things happening, but here are the highlights: Tuesday: John Sterry (pianist for The Sterrys) entertained guests and visitors to The Cottage Hotel with a relaxed evening of jazz piano. Wednesday: Ben Carr hosted his first Blues Session in The Hideaway Speakeasy, which turned out to be an amazing success! The atmosphere was wonderful and it was good to see musicians who’d … Continue reading This Week’s Music Highlights

Happy New Year!

It’s been a fun but hectic few days. New year was brilliant. Catching up with old friends, dressing as a victorian just for fun, playing games with ridiculous additional rules… I’ve just got back from playing jazz flute at The Cottage Hotel. Tonight it went really well, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and (despite my lack of sleep over the past 24 hours) I … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Live Music at The Cottage Hotel

On the 1st January I’ll be in Hope Cove at The Cottage Hotel playing jazz flute with John (keyboard) and Joe (sax) as part of “The Sterry Family”. If you’ve not been to The Cottage before, it’s a hotel with a stunning sea view, really good food and the people running it are lovely (they’re even nice to musicians!!!). I chose to go there for my … Continue reading Live Music at The Cottage Hotel

Musical Compliments - Cartoon by Hannah Sterry

Who is Hannah Sterry?

Cartoonist | Musician | Photographer Cartoonist This started when my music and cartooning hobbies accidentally merged and I decided to share a few of the results with friends. It all went a bit further than I expected and some of the cartoons ended up getting 10000+ views on facebook. There’s now a Sterry Cartoons facebook page and shop too! Musician    Passionate jazz flautist and harpist, regularly performing with a variety of … Continue reading Who is Hannah Sterry?