I’m Watching You

I'm Watching You - Illustration of a cat watching a goldfish by Hannah Sterry (Sterry Cartoons).

I'm Watching You - Illustration of a cat watching a goldfish by Hannah Sterry (Sterry Cartoons).

I’m Watching You – Illustration by Hannah Sterry

Music Cartoon: The Snail Clef


The Snail Clef – A new cartoon by Hannah Sterry.

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Silly misunderstanding of the week:

“Yesterday I was asked to watch the chickens, so I wandered outside. Apparently the one I was meant to watch was already in the oven.”

We have a few broody hens and an escape artist cockerel, so it didn’t seem like a particularly strange request at the time. They probably wouldn’t escape so much if we clipped their wings but that generally only happens shortly after they’ve escaped, eaten all of the seedlings and terrorised the cats.

The chicken in the oven came out with a nice tan! 😛

Hope you like the cartoon! If you’d like to see more, visit Sterry Cartoons facebook page!

Marshmellow Marshmalicious

I have no idea what I was thinking when I drew this, but I’m blaming English for being a crazy language full of homophones. Not suitable for vegans.

Marshmellow Marshmalicious

Marshmellow Marshmalicious - Funny cute marshmallow characters by Sterry Cartoons.


Available from the Sterry Cartoons Shop.

Happy #Caturday: Catouflage in action!

Happy caturday! I give you... catouflage (cat camouflage). Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Happy caturday! I give you... catouflage (cat camouflage). Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Catouflage in action!
Cat camouflage photo by Hannah Sterry.

This is a photo of my cat, Mouse, from back when she was only a year or two old. True to her name, she’s small and timid, but she’s really affectionate and reliably appears at the sound of a cat food tin being opened!


Mouse was the only grey kitten in a litter of mostly black kittens and her mum didn’t seem to like her very much (her mum used to remove Mouse from the litter and dump her in the middle of the floor somewhere else), so we ended up giving her cat milk and weaning her on to food a bit early. She’ll usually come over if you click your fingers because that’s what I used to do just before I gave her kitten biscuits.

Hope the picture made you smile and feel free to link me to pictures/blog posts of your cats doing funny, cute and amusing things in the comments! I might link to some of my favourites in next week’s #caturday blog. 🙂



We’ve accidentally acquired a baby pigeon!

Accidentally acquired this Baby Pigeon. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Accidental Baby Pigeon. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Accidentally acquired baby pigeon. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

This pigeon wasn’t planned. My uncle brought it to us after finding it had fallen out of a really badly-built nest (pigeon nests are often a bit rubbish for the first few years), which he wouldn’t have known about if a buzzard hadn’t flown past him with this pigeon’s sibling in its talons.

So, we have an orphaned, sibling-less pigeon chick… and he looks ridiculous. He seems to have a spoonbill, little whiskers at the end of his baby feathers and he makes this high pitched squeak which I can only assume means “MORE FOOD!”

So far, he’s been eating mushed up, water-soaked chick crumbs and crushed peas. We’ve made him a ‘nest’ in the pet carrier, which has the handy advantage that it acts as a cat deterrent (whenever the cats see the carrier they think we’re going to take them to the vets and miraculously run and hide) and he seems quite happy. Hopefully he’ll grow to be independent enough that we can release him back in to the wild.

He doesn’t really have a name, but we call him ‘Pidge’. It might be unoriginal but he doesn’t seem to care. x

Chicks… as promised!

Cute baby hen chick, tiny curious chickens. Image ©Hannah Sterry 2012
Fluffy chick at about two weeks old. Image ©Hannah Sterry 2012
Fluffy chick at about two weeks old. Image ©Hannah Sterry 2012

A few weeks ago our chicks hatched and here’s how they look now!

The chicks have been called Aslan, Fluffo and Shakespeare and seem to be quite happy pottering around the garden with mum! We had to put a finer wire mesh over the top of their run because Shakespeare kept escaping and we were worried that the cats might eat him if he did it again. One of the chicks also seems to like ‘piggy-back rides’ and will just sit on mother hen while she’s looking for food.

Mother hen with chicks. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Mother hen with chicks. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Chillin' with the chicks. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Chillin’ with the chicks. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

I think I’ve also managed to accidentally prove that chicks are basically baby dinosaur descendants. I mean… just look how freaky this one is when it looks directly at me.

Definitely descended from a dinosaur. That chick's stare scares me just a little. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Definitely descended from a dinosaur. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

Admittedly it might have just been a bit cross because I didn’t have any worms and I’d just interrupted it’s daily routine of wandering around the chicken run for hours, but I’m not sure I deserved this level of ANGRY GLARE! At least it’s not big enough to eat me!

More baby birds soon. I need to tell you about ‘Pidge’! x

The Boyfriend Song: Lyrics Only

Aimez-vous l'accent? - French music cartoon gif by Hannah Sterry

The Boyfriend Song

Do you mind conversations about zombie ninja pirates?
How about debates about the newest things in science?
Do you like Monty Python? Are you musical at all?
Can you manage to be lewd without losing your class at all?

I’d like a boyfriend please!
I’d like a boyfriend please!
It’s mostly for great company and not those birds and bees,
So I’d like a boyfriend please!
(Y’know, if it’s not too much trouble)

Are you fussy about food?
Are you considerate or rude?
Do you like cats (no, not for dinner)?
Are you taller? Fatter? Thinner?

(Could you possibly put up with my ridiculous ideas?)

Do you think this drawing’s great?
What kinds of people do you hate?
Are you kind and are you stable?
Are your hands above the table?

I’d like a boyfriend please!
I’d like a boyfriend please!
I’m obviously too fussy, but I’d like one that’s a tease.
Yep, I’d like a boyfriend please!
(Or maybe I’m closing my mind too much)

I shouldn’t be so picky about gender.
But instincts have a stranglehold on me.
It shouldn’t be my fate, to pro-cre-ate;
There are already too many fish in the sea.

If we’re going to be so ridiculously politically correct about it…
Might as well include everybody…

I’d like a girlfriend please!
I’d like a girlfriend please!
And if you’re unsure, it doesn’t matter anymore.
Leave judgements and criticisms at the door.

You could be hetero- or homo-
It’s no problem; I’m no phobe- Oh.
I just have one more thing to say:

Though, theoretically, I’ve no preference,
Logic didn’t get the reference.

So… I’d still probably like a boyfriend please.
(Apply now with your CVs.)

Lyrics © Hannah Sterry 2012
Music to follow…


I feel I should point out that I have a lovely boyfriend (and a ridiculous sense of humour), so please don’t take this seriously – it’s just a bit of fun! This is a poem/song I’d forgotten about and unearthed as I was trying to clear up the mess of files on my computer with names like “idea”, “another thing” and “messing about”.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post anyway! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Happy Valentines Day!

"Finding Someone Like You" by Sterry Cartoons (Valentines Day Heart Cartoon)

Have a cartoon about some teardrop things!

I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I just think it’s nice to spoil your best friends and family all year round, not just for one or two days of the year. Even when it comes to Christmas and birthdays, my gifts are often “IOU”s handwritten on pieces of paper (with a little doodle for good measure). On the odd occasion that I do think of something inspired (giftwise), I’ll tend to be so impatient that I want to give it to the person straight away, wanting them to get as much use and happiness out of whatever-it-is (and wanting to see a huge smile). Friends seem to be the same.

The idea of Valentines Day is nice, but spontaneity seems like much more fun!