We’ve accidentally acquired a baby pigeon!

Accidental Baby Pigeon. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Accidentally acquired baby pigeon. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

This pigeon wasn’t planned. My uncle brought it to us after finding it had fallen out of a really badly-built nest (pigeon nests are often a bit rubbish for the first few years), which he wouldn’t have known about if a buzzard hadn’t flown past him with this pigeon’s sibling in its talons.

So, we have an orphaned, sibling-less pigeon chick… and he looks ridiculous. He seems to have a spoonbill, little whiskers at the end of his baby feathers and he makes this high pitched squeak which I can only assume means “MORE FOOD!”

So far, he’s been eating mushed up, water-soaked chick crumbs and crushed peas. We’ve made him a ‘nest’ in the pet carrier, which has the handy advantage that it acts as a cat deterrent (whenever the cats see the carrier they think we’re going to take them to the vets and miraculously run and hide) and he seems quite happy. Hopefully he’ll grow to be independent enough that we can release him back in to the wild.

He doesn’t really have a name, but we call him ‘Pidge’. It might be unoriginal but he doesn’t seem to care. x

2 thoughts on “We’ve accidentally acquired a baby pigeon!

  1. We are getting a lot of baby pigeons in the garden at the moment. They all display the same sort of characteristics as your Pidge, but our collection all share the name Gonk.
    One of them hopped casually over the patio door step into our living room the other day and stared at us as if to say “You forgot to put more food out”

    1. That sounds quite like our chickens too. We have a ‘houdini chicken’ who somehow escapes from the run whenever something’s wrong (eg. if it wants more food or the door to the chicken coop has blown shut amd it can’t get in to lay an egg) and just sits on the window sill and stares in until we fix whatever it is. I think the birds are quite clever really! 🙂

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