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Malborough Music Monster Mash

Monster Mash 2014

Malborough Music Monster Mash 2014

Malborough Music Monster Mash Line Up 2014


This Saturday 26th April, I’m delighted to be performing with Ansa Back at Malborough Music Monster Mash to raise money for the Dave Sharp Young Musicians Fund. The fund does some brilliant work locally to ensure that teens from all backgrounds have a chance to enjoy learning and playing music and now that the project is a few years old it’s great to see some of the bands that have emerged and developed from it.

For more information about the event visit the Malborough Music Monster Mash website.

St Michaels Mount, Cornwall - Image copyright of Hannah Sterry.

Exploring Cornwall

Hello! It’s been a long time since the last post and a lot has happened in the past three months (it’ll take quite a few blog posts for me to catch up)!

The whole family have enjoyed a brief trip to Cornwall and, to our amazement, it was sunny for the whole week. I also got to practice my archery skills with my big-little sister (but thankfully there are no photos of that)! :P

The best bits of the week:

  • Visiting St Michael’s Mount and exploring the gardens – St Michael’s Mount is beautiful and the gardens are full of interesting and exotic plants. There are plenty of places to hide away and just enjoy being there too.
  • Watching a kid’s version of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at The Minack Theatre. It is my ambition to perform at the Minack Theatre one day.
  • Picnics in the gardens of Lanhydrock House and Godolphin. We didn’t go in to the houses at either of these National Trust properties, but the gardens were really good fun to explore.

The slower bits of the week:

  • The Mines - I feel bad admitting it and understand that mining is a huge part of Cornwall’s heritage, but I can only have so much interest in mines that aren’t working anymore. The way the machines work is interesting, that some of the beam engines used hippopotamus leather on the hinged moving parts is a fun fact and the way that copper seeps out of the rock in to any wooden beams left behind and eventually turns them in to turquoise-green copper is fascinating, but it doesn’t take very long to  see all of that.


All in all it was a great holiday and don’t let the negative comments about the mines put you off – they are great places to visit and are full of history, but I just wasn’t quite as interested in them as some of the other family members!


Hannah x

Malborough Pantomime 2014: Humpty Dumpty

MAD Group Presents…

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty

The Pantomime

22nd January 2014 – 25th January 2014

Time: 7.30pm with a Saturday Matinee performance at 2pm

Malborough Amateur Dramatic Group presents Humpty Dumpty – The Pantomime at Malborough Village Hall.

Tickets from £7 for adults and £4 for children are available from Kingsbridge Information Centre and Malborough Post Office.


This year I’m involved in Malborough Pantomime again (I’ll be in the musicians pit – who knows what might happen if I ever ended up on a stage)! It’s always good to catch up with village life and it’s wonderful seeing everyone work together to put on such a brilliant event.

MAD kids put on an incredible show this year too, with their production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat rivalling many of the professional shows I’ve seen. I’m fairly certain we’ll be seeing some familiar friendly faces performing in the West End in a few years!

Anyway, I’ve hope you’ve all had a very Merry Christmas and – if I don’t post in the next few days – have a Happy New Year! :)

Hot Club of Stonehouse live at The B-Bar in Plymouth. Featuring Becky Brine (vocals), Mel Brindle (violin), Julian Isaacs (guitar), Howard Kahn (upright bass and bass ukelele) and Hannah Sterry (jazz flute). Gypsy jazz rendition of Sweet Georgia Brown.

Hot Club of Stonehouse live at The B-Bar in Plymouth

A gypsy jazz rendition of Sweet Georgia Brown by The Hot Club of Stonehouse.

Hot Club of Stonehouse are:
Becky Brine – Vocals
Julian Isaacs – Guitar
Mel Brindle – Violin

Guest musicians:
Howard Kahn – Bass / Bass Ukelele
Hannah Sterry – Flute


This B-Bar gig was so much fun!

We had the fiddle/flute version of duelling banjos, rude jokes about chickens, bass ukelele envy and a kazoo-off! The audience seemed to really enjoy it (Becky even managed to be colour co-ordinated with some of the audience too) and we all had a lot of fun on stage!

I’ll be playing at B-Bar again in March, but this time with Hamer & Co, so that’s definitely something to look forward to!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Dalek Extermi-cakes surrounding TARDIS.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Dalek Cupcakes

These extermi-cakes were made by my mum and sister for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and I thought someone might want to use the idea for a themed birthday party. They’re quite straight forward to make, so I hope you enjoy having a go!



Dalek cakes made using:

  • Chocolate buns (made with death-by-chocolate recipe)
  • Chocolate icing
  • Mini Smarties
  • Yorkie giant chocolate buttons
  • Buttercream icing
  • Straws (for the eye stalk)

Ansa Back make an appearance in The Dartmouth Chronicle!

Live music at Dartmouth Football Club from Ansa Back!
Live music at Dartmouth Football Club from Ansa Back!

The Dartmouth Chronicle printed news about our performance at Dartmouth Football Club at 8:45pm tonight (Saturday 19th October)!

The article reads:

Rock on South Hams Newspapers.

The eight strong combo Ansa Back which boasts one South Hams newspaper reporter, a photographer and a production wizard, will be in concert at Dartmouth football club tomorrow.

The band, which has a repertoire spanning more than 20 years of rock classics, included reporter Amy McSweeny on vocals, photographer Greg Taylor on lead guitar and production expert Bryan Roberts on rhythm guitar.

With them will be the rest of the line up – father and daughter team Joe Sterry on sax and Hannah Sterry on flute and backing vocals and Paul Adams, also on sax, Clare Hannaford on drums and Wayne Neil on bass guitar.

The music kicks off at 8.45pm.

Lead singer, Amy McSweeny said: ‘It is our first gig in Dartmouth and we’re really excited to be performing there. Our music covers pretty much everything and hopefully we shall get people up and dancing and having a good time.’

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder


This has always seemed like a silly phrase. I should probably add that I don’t advise holding bees (unless you’re a trained beekeeper).


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Pineapple Owl!

Go on! Play with your Food!

The village horticultural show happened last week, which meant that the house was full of delicious home-made cakes that I wasn’t allowed to eat and my mini-siblings were entering all sorts of craft competitions! My favourite competition was probably “Create a Vegetable Animal”, partly because I got to eat half a watermelon (see the turtle) and because the results were just brilliant. It made me wonder who made the silly “Don’t Play with Your Food” rule because… who wouldn’t want a whole kitchen full of things like this:

Myrtle the Watermelon-Turtle

Myrtle the Watermelon Turtle. Created by a mini-sibling.
Myrtle the Watermelon Turtle. Created by a mini-sibling.


Pineapple Owl!
Pineapple Owl! Created by another mini-sibling.

Caterpillar Cake

Not a vegetable animal, but still delicious!

Caterpillar Cake!
Caterpillar Cake!

So, kids and adults… have fun and be creative with your food!

Hannah x

P.S. Sadly all of these creatures have now been eaten. Pineapple owl was chopped up and used in a fruit salad.

Hannah Sterry playing jazz flute with Hamer & Isaacs gypsy swing band at The Red Lion Newquay in Cornwall.

Gypsy Swing at the Red Lion in Newquay

Recently, I was lucky enough to perform with half of Hamer & Isaacs gypsy swing band at the Red Lion in Newquay and thought I’d share my favourite moments from the evening with you, so here goes…


5 favourite moments from The Red Lion gig:

  1. Performing music with some wonderful people and smiling through every minute!
  2. Howard Kahn‘s (bassist) brief moment of crazy dancing to club music in the interval. I’m sure he’ll demonstrate if you ask him *very* nicely. :P
  3. Hearing Dave Jones‘ amazing guitar skills!
  4. Becky Brine‘s nacho cheese jokes and very realistic Donald Duck impression!
  5. The girl with super-long dreadlocks and her friend’s really enthusiastic dancing. ‘Twas brillig!


There were a few things that surprised me, although they were mainly to do with the lack of Anchorman jazz flute and Jethro Tull mentions.


If you’d like to listen to more gypsy swing or download one of Hamer & Isaacs live albums, here’s the link along with some photos from the gig:

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Zombie cartoon clipart: "Our Love Will Survive" by ~l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l

“When I’m Killin’ Zombies!” – George Formby Parody Song

When I’m Killin’ Zombies

*To the tune of “When I’m Cleanin’ Windows” by George Formby.



Now I go killin’ zombies to keep m’self alive

Wandering round the suburbs with me handy MP5

Now it’s a job that don’t suit me

But zombie killer you would be

If you could see the hell I see

When I’m killin’ zombies



Armageddon’s just a blast!

If only virus worked that fast

The things I do to save me arse

When I’m killin’ zombies



In my profession I’ll work hard

But I’ll never stop

I’ll kill these blasted zombies

Until I’ve had me lot



The zombie bride, she looks divine

The groom escaped her just in time

A wedding’s just a battle line

When I’m killin’ zombies



The living dead just want your brains

Don’t care for your cash or chains

The streets run red until it rains

When I’m killin’ zombies



The virus claimed this camera guy

Who ate the brains of Stephen Fry

Who knew the dead could quote QI?

When I’m killin’ zombies



In my profession I’ll work hard

But I’ll never stop

I’ll kill these blasted zombies

Until I’ve had me lot



Undead walking side by side

Arms outstretched and eyes all wide

There’s no emotion left inside

When I’m killin’ zombies



—— Instrumental ——



This living nightmare ain’t no fun

I’d never leave without my gun

Won’t stop until the battle’s won

When I’m killin’ zombies



My comrade clutches his behind

Got bitten on his… never mind

Natural selection isn’t kind

When I’m killin’ zombies



In my profession I’ll work hard

But I’ll never stop

I’ll kill these blasted zombies

Until I’ve had me lot



A zombie staggers down the street

One head shot and that guy’s dead meat

I’ll shoot ‘em back until I’m beat

When I’m killin’ zombies

When I’m killin’ zombies





Lyrics to “When I’m Killin’ Zombies” ©Hannah Sterry 2013. All rights reserved.

Some people write love songs. I write about the zombie apocalypse. Fair’s fair.

Musician, cartoonist and photographer based in sunny South Devon.


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