Music News: Ansa Back, Hamer & Isaacs, Life, The Universe and Everything.

Life, The Universe and Everything…

Open University coursework, music exams and life just carrying on as normal and have meant I’ve been desperately trying to meet deadlines (and not blogging much recently). This means that the cartoons have taken a bit of a hit, but the music keeps going!

Last Friday’s Gig with Hamer & Isaacs

We were playing at the Hermitage in Kingsbridge and at one point I found myself improvising hard-edged jazz flute to one of the fastest, liveliest (and most fun) renditions of “Summertime” I have ever played. Becky Brine was singing that night and her performances are always really good humoured, so we all had a brilliant night that only ended after not one… not two… but THREE encores.

Hamer & Isaacs have just released a live album too!

Ansa Back Gigging and Recording

Last Saturday we played a lovely birthday party for Greg’s (our lead guitarist’s) dad. Speaking to everyone after the gig it seemed like it went down really well and rumours of this crazy 8-piece spread as far and wide as East Allington pub, or so I’m told! 😛

There was a really touching moment when one of the guests discovered that the tenor sax player is my dad. He made us both realise how special it is to just be able to play music together as a family – it can be so easy to take it for granted, because I’ve grown up playing music with my dad and grandpa, but I really love that we can all just get together and play and I love that they gave me the opportunity to learn and never worried about my mistakes. I don’t know who I’d be without all of that.

This Saturday  we’re gigging on a farm, so we’re packing tarpaulins, plenty of extension leads and wellies and looking forward to a friendly, relaxed evening (including crazy, lively music).

Sunday is recording day! Apparently we’ve got a band backdrop (photos to follow) and we’re being helped out by an amazing team of people who all deserve a huge THANK YOU and a good pub meal. There’s also a band website in the works, so I’ll post links to that when it’s ready.

Anyway, here we all are, looking very smiley (and slightly orange). More coming soon!

Ansa Back Live at Morleigh - 8 piece cover band based in South Devon.
Ansa Back performing at Morleigh

3 thoughts on “Music News: Ansa Back, Hamer & Isaacs, Life, The Universe and Everything.

  1. Thanks so much for the follow at my blog. I’m typing with ‘Sweet Sue’ grooving in the background. I feel like I’m in an episode of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and I’m some old time journalist banging out a story on my old Imperial. ‘Very smiley and slightly orange’ prompted a giggle and I told the hubby, “English people are so witty”.

    How fun to do gigs with your dad. Bravo, sounds like lots of great stories to tell round the Christmas dinner 😀 Cheers

    1. haha – I’m not sure if we’re witty or just can’t resist taking the mickey out of each other! Both bands are great fun and we all enjoy the music and laughs. The hard bit is the travelling, loading/unloading and maintenance of so much equipment. The big upside is that I’m now really, really good at ‘car boot tetris’. 😛

      Thanks for dropping by. It’s always really nice to know you’ve given someone a giggle! 🙂

  2. Great fun! It sounds like the farm gig will be completely enjoyable. I can’t imagine what it must be like to play music with your Dad – your testimonial is great. Thank you so much for the follow and I hope you enjoy my view of a world far away from England. (The cartoons are funny!)

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