Download “Soundtracks and Silhouettes” Free

Soundtracks & Silhouettes Artwork. Flute and harp music by Hannah Sterry.


I’ve decided to release a few flute pieces (and a short harp cover) on bandcamp! You can download them all for free or, if you really like them, can name your price! Just click below to have a listen and download!

Let me know what you think in the comments! 🙂

The List of Exciting Things!

New facebook page exclusively for my music.
New facebook page exclusively for my music.
Hannah Sterry Music is now on facebook!

If you’re here for the musical goings-on, you might want to head over to the facebook page, which I’ll be updating with new compositions, photos and all of my musical activity!

There are lots of things to look forward to in the next few months, so here’s a quick list of everything that’s happening!

~ The List of Exciting Things ~

July 28th

It’s my birthday (I’m getting old)! Come and celebrate with me at the Barbican Rhythm & Blues Festival in Plymouth.

July 30th
The Sterrys play jazz at The Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove from 6:45pm. Free entry, amazing view and the food is delicious!

August 4-11th
A million family things. I’m all over the place.

August 13th
More jazz at The Cottage Hotel!

August 17-25th
Activity week at PGL Barton Hall. I’ll be abseiling, kayaking, fencing, raft building etc. and hope to return with a giant sports photography portfolio.

August 27th
The Sterrys play jazz at The Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove from 6:45pm. Another night for delicious cocktails, light music and amazing sunsets over the sea.

September 6th
Playing jazz on a boat (as part of The Sterrys jazz trio)! Sadly it’s a private party, but if any of you feel like hiring some musicians for your boat, you know who to call. 

September 7th
I’ll be guesting with Hamer & Isaacs Gypsy Swing Band at Red Lion Newquay from 9:30pm.

September 14th
Private party with Ansa Back.September 24th
Seeing Bill Bailey at Plymouth Pavilions! Yay! 😀

That last one is a treat. I’ve never actually seen a live comedy show before, so it’ll be a first for me! 🙂

A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square

Performing at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel in Plymouth.

After a happy, hectic week of friends and weddings, I decided to use this Sunday afternoon to practice a bit of harp and attempted to video a little bit. Sorry about the blur – I’m shy! 🙂

This is one of my favourite jazz standards, written by Manning Sherwin, and I hope you like it!

Hannah Sterry performing on celtic harp at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth.
Hannah Sterry performing on celtic harp at The Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth.

Make a request! What would you like to see me play?

The many faces of Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist & Harpist
The many faces of Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist & Harpist
The many faces of Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist & Harpist

Hello! Hannah here!

I’m currently taking requests for harp covers and will be recording and uploading the results to youtube! I’m happy to attempt absolutely anything… well, anything possible (things like “Flight of the Bumble Bee” might be a bit of a bother). Requests for folk, heavy metal, jazz and pop are all welcome – I’ll try them all!

Feel free to request flute pieces too – If you want to hear a cool jazz version of “God Save the Queen”, or a Jethro-Tull-style rendition of Adiemus, I’ll do it – Make these suggestions as crazy and wacky as you like!

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with! Just leave a comment or send me a tweet: @Hannah Sterry