Summertime: The world-jazz-funk-fusion version!

Music makes me happy!

It’s scary posting music in a public space, but this afternoon I decided to record a world-jazz-funk-fusion version of Summertime by George Gershwin and thought it’d be nice to share.


The aim of this really was just to create something that I was happy with, within a deadline of a few hours and to build confidence.

I’ve been quite self conscious about singing solo since secondary school – I know so many talented singers and if I try to compare myself to them then I lose half of my confidence. I tend to deal with the doubt by acknowledging that everybody’s voice is completely unique and that I might as well do my best, but sometimes the confidence still goes.

It’s even more bizarre when you consider that I’d be quite happy to stand in front of thousands or millions of people playing the flute.

The clarinet’s still a work in progress in terms of learning, but I stuck it in there just for fun!

8 thoughts on “Summertime: The world-jazz-funk-fusion version!

    1. Thank you! I’ve heard (and played) this song in so many different styles that it’s impossible for me to pick a favourite.

      This is probably the most upbeat version I’ve ever played – usually I play it at a much slower tempo and with lots of expression. 🙂

  1. Cool! I remember the other nice but more orthodox version you did. I like the way you expored the song here, and the flute and vocals hit just the right spot! Your voice sounds good to me–hope you do more with it.

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