TV Monster


I like to decorate my TV as a monster.

It makes the news less scary!

You Turn Me On – Valentine’s Cartoon


It’s Valentine’s Day soon and you can’t expect me to miss an excuse for a pun.

There are cards, mugs and all sorts of gifts in the shop.

Thank you!

How do musicians get to orchestra?

Q: How do musicians get to orchestra? A: They pedal! A cartoon of a man on a bike, cycling along a music staff with the direction Ped. (pedal) written underneath him. Copyright belongs to Hannah Sterry (Sterry Cartoons).
How do musicians get to orchestra?

This cartoon is available on t-shirts, mugs, cushions and other gifts from the Sterry Cartoons Shop.

Silly  Methods of Musical Transport:

  1. Boat Bass

    Paddling to a gig in a fibreglass double bass. Apparently someone used to make fibreglass double basses in Salcombe, and they were perfectly fine if you used the body of the bass as a boat.

  2. Walking/Weightlifting

    Walking back from a gig with a very, very heavy keyboard because me and H had missed the last bus home and the taxi companies weren’t answering!


  3. Gigs on Transport!

    I have played a few jazz gigs on a ferry. We had to connect the keyboard up to a car battery for power and it was strange playing at any tempo that didn’t match the whirring of the engine, but it worked.

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder


This has always seemed like a silly phrase. I should probably add that I don’t advise holding bees (unless you’re a trained beekeeper).


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Sterry Cartoons

Musical Compliments - A music cartoon by Hannah Sterry (Sterry Cartoons). Musical Compliments A silly musical cartoon, showing two music notes chatting. The conversation reads: “Liking the natural look!” “Thanks! You’re looking pretty sharp yourself!” It’s just a bit of musical fun. Would make an ideal gift for anyone musical; music students, teachers and lovers of amusing puns! Designed by Hannah Sterry. Website: Follow Sterry Cartoons on: Twitter | Facebook | Google+
Musical Compliments
Musical Compliments

New Sterry Cartoons Snail Logo Design by Hannah Sterry.

Sterry Cartoons began with a simple interest in illustration and comedy. The comic has received a great deal of interest online, partially due to the viral success of “Musical Compliments” (a cartoon featuring a joke about naturals and sharps), which has been shared by over 20,000 people worldwide.

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Musical Cartoon Gifts

Here are just a few of the products I’ve made so far. They’d probably make great gifts for your musician friends and music teachers, or (if you’re anything like me) you might just want to treat yourself because it makes you giggle. There are all sorts of products to choose from on my Zazzle and Redbubble shops.

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About Sterry Cartoons

Sterry Cartoons is a webcomic featuring educational music jokes and animal-related humour. The comic has received a great deal of interest online, partially due to the viral success of Musical Compliments (a cartoon featuring a joke about naturals and sharps), which has been shared by over 20,000 people worldwide.

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Don’t Eat The Kiwis!


Another cartoon that I’ve been wanting to release for a while!

Available on t-shirts over here: Don’t Eat The Kiwis T-Shirts


Sharks love to sing


Sharks may have become my favourite thing to draw.

They have such a bad reputation, but all they really want to do is eat fish and turtles and get on in life. My remedy to this is to draw them doing silly things because – as we learnt from Defense Against the Dark Arts in Harry Potter – if you turn something that scares you (Boggart or Shark) in to something that makes you laugh, somehow it stops being scary.

You may see more shark comics appearing soon, because I love drawing them doing ridiculous things.

This design is available on t-shirts, mugs, cushions, bags and lots of other things from the Sterry Cartoons Shop on Redbubble.

Music Cartoon: The Snail Clef


The Snail Clef – A new cartoon by Hannah Sterry.

Mugs and cards available here: Zazzle UK, Zazzle US.


Silly misunderstanding of the week:

“Yesterday I was asked to watch the chickens, so I wandered outside. Apparently the one I was meant to watch was already in the oven.”

We have a few broody hens and an escape artist cockerel, so it didn’t seem like a particularly strange request at the time. They probably wouldn’t escape so much if we clipped their wings but that generally only happens shortly after they’ve escaped, eaten all of the seedlings and terrorised the cats.

The chicken in the oven came out with a nice tan! 😛

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Music Cartoon: Aimez-vous l’accent?

Aimez-vous l'accent? - French music cartoon gif by Hannah Sterry

Earlier today, I found out that one of my cartoons has been shared on facebook over 1000 times, and I’m amused at the thought of that many people seeing it and laughing/groaning simultaneously (I am easily amused), so I’ve decided to make some more.

Today I give you… an animated french music cartoon gif:

Aimez-vous l'accent? - French music cartoon gif by Hannah Sterry

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