Hello World!

Yeah, I know I’ve just used a basic programming test and claimed it as mine for the title of this post, but all I am trying to do here is say “Hi!” to you all.

You’ll probably hear lots of silly things from me in the future, because I will get bored and write down all of the ridiculous things I think. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll post a silly cartoon, but you’ll have to wait for me to draw some stuff first, because I don’t have much stuff like that in reserve.

I guess I should say a few things about me to start:

  • I once drew my friend a picture of her very surreal dream as a birthday card, whilst on a train, and recieved some very odd looks.
  • My boss once assumed I’d had a one night stand (which I hadn’t) when she saw me walking along a track when coming back from a friends house once and I happened to be flying low. It took me about 2 years to work out why she’d given me such a dirty look.
  • My cat is called Mouse. It is my little sister’s fault.
  • I have had to apologise for leaving the bath looking like a bear has been in it once or twice. I would have remembered to clean it afterwards if I hadn’t checked it whilst not wearing my glasses. Ah well.
  • I’m currently allergic to maths. Since a bad experience at university it causes me to have panic attacks if I think about it too much, though I used to be pretty reasonable at it.
  • I’m short and Devonian, but I only say the odd word with the classic “Oooh Arrr, Oooh Arrr” accent. If you want to hear a proper Devonian accent then talk to a wise old farmer (in Devon, of course)!!!

That’s enough about me I think.

Time to do some work!

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