Who is Hannah Sterry?

Musical Compliments - Cartoon by Hannah Sterry

Cartoonist | Musician | PhotographerMusical Compliments - Cartoon by Hannah Sterry


Q: Are sheep just clouds with legs? A: In illustration, yes. Hannah Sterry Cartoons.Crotchety Crotchet - A music joke cartoon by Sterry Cartoons.

This started when my music and cartooning hobbies accidentally merged and I decided to share a few of the results with friends. It all went a bit further than I expected and some of the cartoons ended up getting 10000+ views on facebook. There’s now a Sterry Cartoons facebook page and shop too!


Hannah Sterry - Jazz Flautist  Hannah Sterry - solo harp

Passionate jazz flautist and harpist, regularly performing with a variety of local and visiting musicians in the South West (see Live Music & Events).

Most commonly asked: Have you heard of Jethro Tull?

Happy to play classical, jazz & blues, rock, metal, folk or any fusion of styles and particularly enjoys playing harsh-sounding, rough-edged flute solos during covers of Paranoid by Black Sabbath!

Currently aiming to complete a Diploma in Flute Performance and finish my degree in Music & Mathematics with The Open University. This will all be happening while I do my best to perform live music as much as possible and play with a variety of local and visiting musicians (see Live Music & Events).

Regularly plays flute, harp, piano, clarinet, saxophone and always striving to learning more…



Here’s to crawling around on hands and knees, creeping up on bugs and bees! Or something like that.

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Hello World!

Yeah, I know I’ve just used a basic programming test and claimed it as mine for the title of this post, but all I am trying to do here is say “Hi!” to you all.

You’ll probably hear lots of silly things from me in the future, because I will get bored and write down all of the ridiculous things I think. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll post a silly cartoon, but you’ll have to wait for me to draw some stuff first, because I don’t have much stuff like that in reserve.

I guess I should say a few things about me to start:

  • I once drew my friend a picture of her very surreal dream as a birthday card, whilst on a train, and recieved some very odd looks.
  • My boss once assumed I’d had a one night stand (which I hadn’t) when she saw me walking along a track when coming back from a friends house once and I happened to be flying low. It took me about 2 years to work out why she’d given me such a dirty look.
  • My cat is called Mouse. It is my little sister’s fault.
  • I have had to apologise for leaving the bath looking like a bear has been in it once or twice. I would have remembered to clean it afterwards if I hadn’t checked it whilst not wearing my glasses. Ah well.
  • I’m currently allergic to maths. Since a bad experience at university it causes me to have panic attacks if I think about it too much, though I used to be pretty reasonable at it.
  • I’m short and Devonian, but I only say the odd word with the classic “Oooh Arrr, Oooh Arrr” accent. If you want to hear a proper Devonian accent then talk to a wise old farmer (in Devon, of course)!!!

That’s enough about me I think.

Time to do some work!