A girl sits motionless, staring out of the window, whilst droplets blur her view of the road outside.
Walking outside she feels like the rest of the world is a film,
and she’s watching it,
not feeling the rain pricking her skin now that the sky has split in two.

She misses home.
She misses friends, the sea, the hills; everything about her quiet country life,
And tears join the rain in their feeble attempt to drown her.

As the first tear falls from her face, her thoughts shudder into action.
It falls invisibly into the simple rain, mingling in the puddles; runs into a river.

And she realises, that although she’s lonely,
Her tears will return to the sea,

They’ll rise up and be blown across the world,
Where their drops will drum her sadness into the ground,
And bring new life and hope to every nation.

Maybe some will even reach the home she loves.
A few tears, happy to fall among friends.

This was written at university a while back. I was in a very dark place and was clinging on to anything I could that was comforting and familiar. This is the only physical link I could think of at the time.


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