Zombie cartoon clipart: "Our Love Will Survive" by ~l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l Sticky post

“When I’m Killin’ Zombies!” – George Formby Parody Song

When I’m Killin’ Zombies *To the tune of “When I’m Cleanin’ Windows” by George Formby. Now I go killin’ zombies to keep m’self alive Wandering round the suburbs with me handy MP5 Now it’s a job that don’t suit me But zombie killer you would be If you could see the hell I see When I’m killin’ zombies Armageddon’s just a blast! If only virus … Continue reading “When I’m Killin’ Zombies!” – George Formby Parody Song

Smeaton's Tower is the third and most notable Eddystone Lighthouse. It marked a major step forward in the design of lighthouses. In use until 1877, it was largely dismantled and rebuilt on Plymouth Hoe in the city of Plymouth, Devon, where it now stands as a memorial to its designer, John Smeaton, the celebrated civil engineer. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

Give me jobs in the shire, keep me working!

Give me jobs in the shire, keep me working. Give me jobs in the shire, I pray. Give me jobs in the shire, keep me earning, ‘Cos I can’t afford the rent with no pay. End recession! End recession! End recession or we’ll all be stuck. End recession! End recession! This economy is all messed up.   I might get told off for this, but … Continue reading Give me jobs in the shire, keep me working!

My bus driver’s brilliant, he draws the best cartoons, He likes his folky music and he’s always whistling tunes! Even on the stressful days, he’ll always smile and joke, So if you see him, say hello, ‘cos he’s a jolly nice bloke! #LocalPeoplePoems

#LocalPeoplePoems – A Community Project!

I’ve decided to start a new blog to celebrate everyone who makes me smile! It’s called #LocalPeoplePoems, because there are so many nice people in this area, I like writing silly things and I decided that short poems would be the best way to do that! If anyone wants to join me and write or send in their own #LocalPeoplePoems, please send them in, comment, … Continue reading #LocalPeoplePoems – A Community Project!

Aimez-vous l'accent? - French music cartoon gif by Hannah Sterry

The Boyfriend Song: Lyrics Only

The Boyfriend Song Do you mind conversations about zombie ninja pirates? How about debates about the newest things in science? Do you like Monty Python? Are you musical at all? Can you manage to be lewd without losing your class at all? Because… I’d like a boyfriend please! I’d like a boyfriend please! It’s mostly for great company and not those birds and bees, So … Continue reading The Boyfriend Song: Lyrics Only

Leafcutter Ant by Hannah Sterry

Ants & Ogden Nash

‎”The ant has made himself illustrious Through constant industry industrious. So what. Would you be calm and placid If you were full of formic acid.” ~Ogden Nash I have to write some music to accompany this. It might be my favourite assignment of the year (Ogden Nash has written so many brilliant, short, witty poems). The picture on the right is a pencil sketch I … Continue reading Ants & Ogden Nash