The Royal Baby

Royal King

I’m not a royalist:
I’ll choose to count your worth
On the wisdom of your choices,
Not a status claimed at birth.

~ Hannah Sterry

2 thoughts on “The Royal Baby

  1. I fully agree. The powers that the royal family hold, none, are also known to all. Still, I feel it is endearing how the royal family is venerated and respected by many, knowing fully well that their positions are only ceremonial.

  2. I was thinking the same thing when they were talking about the birth that most of us thought. This kid is third in line to the throne for no reason other than his father, second in line to the throne had a kid. I think it’d be interesting if this policy bled over into other professions.

    “Alright, Mr. Bentley, your triple bypass surgery will be tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. Make sure to not drink or eat anything after midnight.”

    “Who’s our surgeon?”

    “Oh, that would be John Gibbons II.”

    “And where did he get his medical degree?”

    “He didn’t actually, but his father has one. Don’t worry, his father was an extremely talented surgeon. Sure, his son hasn’t done more than drink and play XBOX these past ten years, but I’m sure everything will be OK. You have to remember – his father was very good.”

    Then again, kids of politicians over here sometimes end up as politicians themselves, and they might not be the most qualified either, so what’re you going to do?

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