New products in the Sterry Cartoons Shop

Last weekend I was lucky enough to catch up with some amazing friends in Bristol. We played board games, drank mead and ventured in to the City Centre for a quick bit of Christmas shopping!

This week has been a bit quieter, so I’ve been working to improve the selection of products available in the Sterry Cartoons Shop (note: prices may vary).

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The new products available include:

  • Cushions
  • Mugs
  • Clocks
  • iPhone Cases
  • Tote Bags
  • T-Shirts
  • Scarves
  • Dresses
  • Leggings
  • Miniskirts
  • Duvets
  • Notebooks
  • Pencil Cases
  • Acrylic Art Blocks
  • Canvas Prints
  • Greeting Cards



Dubclass have a new album!

I’ve not been on here for a while, but while I’ve been away, some of my favourite bands have been very busy! I’ll be telling you about a few of these bands over the next few weeks, but the first band I’d like to give a big shoutout to is Dubclass!



Dubclass are an energetic Space Reggae band from the deep dark South West!

Transporting you to a world of relaxed sci-fi reggae madness, the band were united by their mutual love of Dub and have a stomping 6-piece line up that includes guitars, flutes, keys, drums, bass, and vocals.

I’ve seen them at festivals, parties and local pub gigs an each time the Dubclass have created an amazing, immersive atmosphere that’s just as suitable for wild dancing as it is for chilling with friends in a field on a beautiful sunny day.



Freedom Fields Main Stage

Dubclass will be headlining Freedom Fields Festival, Plymouth on Sunday 29th May.

The festival is FREE, so I highly recommend you get down there and get a taste of one of the hottest bands in Plymouth!

For a full list of gigs go to


Reap What You Sow is available for download on Amazon and iTunes.

CDs are available at their gigs and (I believe) at The Nowhere Inn, Plymouth.


Below Stairs: Steampunk Charity Event happening in Plymouth!

Below Stairs - Steampunk Charity Event in Plymouth

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

I am very excited to announce Below Stairs victorian extravaganza happening this October 29th in Plymouth, Devon.

Tickets are available from  and I’m aware that the VIP tickets are selling very fast, so get in there quick if you want one!

Here’s the description from the Event Page:

Below Stairs – Victorian Fundraiser!

With headlines like ‘Children Living in Victorian Conditions’ and cuts to services leaving charities to pick up the slack, there’s never been a better time for giving. So join us in the mists of history for good old-fashioned music, magic, drink and dancing, all to raise money for local charities supporting vulnerable people in the present!

Whether you’re a humble servant, the Lady of the House in disguise, or an explorer stepping out of your Zeppelin from an alternate timeline, it’s guaranteed to be a party Below Stairs!

Costume is strongly encouraged, and please, no jeans or trainers. (Unless they’re an essential part of your spectacular Steampunk ensemble!)

Two floors of fun, music and revelry in a themed venue in Plymouth: Annabel’s Cabaret and Discotheque.


Tickets are available from

Below Stairs - Steampunk Charity Event in Plymouth
Below Stairs Poster

The Zombie Song

When I'm Killin' Zombies Cover

I wrote this zombie apocalypse parody of George Formby’s “The Window Cleaner” a while back and finally got round to recording it earlier this evening. You may have read earlier versions of the lyrics, but here are the newest ones, if you want to join in or sing your own version!


Now I go killin’ zombies to keep m’self alive

Wandering round the suburbs with me handy MP5…

Now it’s a job that don’t suit me

But zombie killer you would be

If you could see the hell I see

When I’m killin’ zombies

Armageddon’s just a blast!
T-Virus never worked this fast!
The things I do to save me arse
When I’m killin’ zombies

In my profession I’ll work hard
But I’ll never stop
I’ll kill these blasted zombies
Until I’ve had me lot

The zombie bride, she looks divine
The groom escaped her just in time
A wedding’s just a battle line
When I’m killin’ zombies

The living dead just want your brains
Don’t care for your cash or chains
The streets run red until it rains
When I’m killin’ zombies

In my profession I’ll work hard
But I’ll never stop
I’ll kill these blasted zombies
Until I’ve had me lot

My comrade clutches his behind
Got bitten on his… never mind
Natural selection isn’t kind
When I’m killin’ zombies

—— Clarinet Solo ——

In my profession I’ll work hard
But I’ll never stop
I’ll kill these blasted zombies
Until I’ve had me lot

A zombie staggers down the street
One head shot and that guy’s dead meat
I’ll shoot ‘em back until I’m beat
When I’m killin’ zombies

I’ll shoot ‘em back until I’m beat
When I’m killin’ zombies



Lyrics to “When I’m Killin’ Zombies” ©Hannah Sterry 2013. All rights reserved.

Parody of “The Window Cleaner” by George Formby.

Children’s Primary School Books Destroyed

My little brother and sister have produced some brilliant work while at school and I’ve just discovered that, due to a ridiculous school policy brought in by the current executive headteacher, their work has been destroyed.

The school has refused to allow books to come home and has refused to allow parents to photocopy or photograph the work. Parents have even offered to pay for the school books, or sign a waiver against any legal action that may arise from evidence contained in the books, but despite these offers the school is still refusing to allow the books home.

In my opinion, this sends the message that school paranoia is more important than the wishes of children and parents.

Further Information:

★ Artist Profile: Q&A with Elinor Sterry

Malborough Music Monster Mash

Monster Mash 2014

Malborough Music Monster Mash 2014

Malborough Music Monster Mash Line Up 2014


This Saturday 26th April, I’m delighted to be performing with Ansa Back at Malborough Music Monster Mash to raise money for the Dave Sharp Young Musicians Fund. The fund does some brilliant work locally to ensure that teens from all backgrounds have a chance to enjoy learning and playing music and now that the project is a few years old it’s great to see some of the bands that have emerged and developed from it.

For more information about the event visit the Malborough Music Monster Mash website.

Exploring Cornwall

St Michaels Mount, Cornwall - Image copyright of Hannah Sterry.

Hello! It’s been a long time since the last post and a lot has happened in the past three months (it’ll take quite a few blog posts for me to catch up)!

The whole family have enjoyed a brief trip to Cornwall and, to our amazement, it was sunny for the whole week. I also got to practice my archery skills with my big-little sister (but thankfully there are no photos of that)! 😛

The best bits of the week:

  • Visiting St Michael’s Mount and exploring the gardens – St Michael’s Mount is beautiful and the gardens are full of interesting and exotic plants. There are plenty of places to hide away and just enjoy being there too.
  • Watching a kid’s version of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ at The Minack Theatre. It is my ambition to perform at the Minack Theatre one day.
  • Picnics in the gardens of Lanhydrock House and Godolphin. We didn’t go in to the houses at either of these National Trust properties, but the gardens were really good fun to explore.

The slower bits of the week:

  • The Mines – I feel bad admitting it and understand that mining is a huge part of Cornwall’s heritage, but I can only have so much interest in mines that aren’t working anymore. The way the machines work is interesting, that some of the beam engines used hippopotamus leather on the hinged moving parts is a fun fact and the way that copper seeps out of the rock in to any wooden beams left behind and eventually turns them in to turquoise-green copper is fascinating, but it doesn’t take very long to  see all of that.


All in all it was a great holiday and don’t let the negative comments about the mines put you off – they are great places to visit and are full of history, but I just wasn’t quite as interested in them as some of the other family members!


Hannah x

Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist


I’m an experienced jazz and classically trained flautist regularly performing with a variety of local and visiting musicians (see Live Music & Events). Most recently I’ve played with Hamer & Isaacs gypsy swing band and The Sterrys as well as being involved with a number of local events, including Malborough Amateur Dramatics Pantomime and Hope for Howard. I am also available to perform solo on the harp.


I have recorded a short selection of relaxed pieces, all available for free download.


“As a professional musician for nearly four decades, I have been very impressed by Hannah Sterry’s contribution to our gypsy swing band as a deputy flautist over the last few months. She has deputised at short notice for both our lead guitarist and swing violinist, not easy roles to fill, and I have been awed by her levels of competence and creativity. Her improvisational techniques display an intuitive flair and inspiration well beyond her years, and she exhibits the stage presence expected in a seasoned veteran. I would heartily endorse her as a flautist to any potential employers, whether in the fields of jazz, rock or classical music.” ~ Julian Isaacs of Hamer & Isaacs Gypsy Swing Band

“[Hannah] is a brilliant musician and I love working with her in the gypsy swing band. Her flute solos inspire me to up my game!” ~ Melanie Scullion B.A Hons.P.G Cert. P.G Dip.Perf. Professional violinist, violist and peripatectic music teacher.

Contact Me

Feel free to ask any questions or have a friendly chat online using the contact form, tweet @HannahSterry or comment on this blog!

If you like, you can also follow my musical adventure on facebook on the Hannah Sterry Music page.

Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂


Here are a selection of images from performances around South Devon. The pencil sketch is thanks to Jazz Greenhill.