Malborough Music Monster Mash

  This Saturday 26th April, I’m delighted to be performing with Ansa Back at Malborough Music Monster Mash to raise money for the Dave Sharp Young Musicians Fund. The fund does some brilliant work locally to ensure that teens from all backgrounds have a chance to enjoy learning and playing music and now that the project is a few years old it’s great to see … Continue reading Malborough Music Monster Mash

My bus driver’s brilliant, he draws the best cartoons, He likes his folky music and he’s always whistling tunes! Even on the stressful days, he’ll always smile and joke, So if you see him, say hello, ‘cos he’s a jolly nice bloke! #LocalPeoplePoems

#LocalPeoplePoems – A Community Project!

I’ve decided to start a new blog to celebrate everyone who makes me smile! It’s called #LocalPeoplePoems, because there are so many nice people in this area, I like writing silly things and I decided that short poems would be the best way to do that! If anyone wants to join me and write or send in their own #LocalPeoplePoems, please send them in, comment, … Continue reading #LocalPeoplePoems – A Community Project!