Emperor Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

On the subject of Random Penguin…

This is a silly little song I wrote a little while ago after my friend suggested writing something about penguins. It’s recorded, but I want to record the vocals again – I’m not quite happy with them yet! Penguin! Penguin! Penguin! Ba-da-da-daa, da-da-daa… They’re coloured black and white, Don’t mind the cold at all, They eat members of schools, But they’re not cannibals. (Oh yeah, … Continue reading On the subject of Random Penguin…

Blob Monster Doodle by Hannah Sterry

The Lesser Spotted Devonian Wellie-Wearing Blob Monster

This happened after I came across Jess Smiley’s blog and saw that he was looking for monster doodles to include in Rumpus on the Run: A Monster Look-N-Find Book! It’s well worth having a look at his illustrations, because you won’t be able to help but smile! NAQs (Never Asked Questions): “Why does your monster have wellies?” I’m not sure how many monsters wear wellies, but I … Continue reading The Lesser Spotted Devonian Wellie-Wearing Blob Monster

Thanks to Liz and Katy for the #BespokeBallads!

This arrived in my inbox today! Liz and Katy chose to write one of their #bespokeballads about me! 😀 https://twitter.com/bespokeoffers/status/336583259070803968 I jokingly asked for one of the #bespokeballads a few days ago, but didn’t expect anything, so I was delighted (and amused) today when I found they’d written a song for me. They made me giggle! LYRICS Hold the front page, stop press! Hannah’s got a story … Continue reading Thanks to Liz and Katy for the #BespokeBallads!

Summertime: Jazz Flute Version by Hannah Sterry

It was a lazy afternoon in Plymouth, so I decided to record a little jazz video with my boyfriend and this is how it turned out! Let me know what you think! 🙂 Flute: Hannah Sterry (me) Piano: Howard Kahn Elsewhere on the internet: Twitter: http://twitter.com/HannahSterry Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HannahSterryMusic Continue reading Summertime: Jazz Flute Version by Hannah Sterry

North Sands Beach, Salcombe

The other day, while walking back from a friend’s, I decided to take a detour past North Sands Beach and happened to get such a lovely shot of the beach that I thought I’d share it with you (click to see the full image on RedBubble)! If you’re in Salcombe at any point, it’s worth checking the tide tables before visiting North Sands, because at … Continue reading North Sands Beach, Salcombe

Aimez-vous l'accent? - French music cartoon gif by Hannah Sterry

The Boyfriend Song: Lyrics Only

The Boyfriend Song Do you mind conversations about zombie ninja pirates? How about debates about the newest things in science? Do you like Monty Python? Are you musical at all? Can you manage to be lewd without losing your class at all? Because… I’d like a boyfriend please! I’d like a boyfriend please! It’s mostly for great company and not those birds and bees, So … Continue reading The Boyfriend Song: Lyrics Only

The many faces of Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist & Harpist

Make a request! What would you like to see me play?

Hello! Hannah here! I’m currently taking requests for harp covers and will be recording and uploading the results to youtube! I’m happy to attempt absolutely anything… well, anything possible (things like “Flight of the Bumble Bee” might be a bit of a bother). Requests for folk, heavy metal, jazz and pop are all welcome – I’ll try them all! Feel free to request flute pieces … Continue reading Make a request! What would you like to see me play?

Hangman (Light Version): Amusing stick man t-shirt design. Dark Version here: Hangman Dark T-Shirt Funny cartoon featuring a game of hangman and the words “No stick men were harmed in the making of this game”. Would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves cartoons and amusing t-shirts. Designed by Hannah Sterry. Website: http://hannahsterry.com Follow Sterry Cartoons on: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ Tags hangman, stick, man, men, cartoon, cartoons, funny, comedy, designs, amusing, humor, humour, silly, geek, game, games, word, geeks, nerd, nerds

Hangman & Dad Dilemmas!

Hangman (Light Version): New T-Shirt design from Sterry Cartoons! Dark Version here: Hangman Dark T-Shirt   Disclaimers are strange! I’ve often wondered why anyone still has to write “May Contain Nuts” on packets of peanuts. It’s like writing “May contain animals” on the sign for a zoo – you’d be darned disappointed if there was nothing there. Anyway, I can guarantee that no stick men were harmed … Continue reading Hangman & Dad Dilemmas!