My Uterus

Smiley face on my finger.

My uterus is selfish.

Can’t stop it, though I try.

It’s never about uter-US,

It’s always uter-I.

A poem inspired by a stomach ache. ~ Hannah Sterry

Smiley face.

On the subject of Random Penguin…

Emperor Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Emperor Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Emperor Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

This is a silly little song I wrote a little while ago after my friend suggested writing something about penguins. It’s recorded, but I want to record the vocals again – I’m not quite happy with them yet!

Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

Ba-da-da-daa, da-da-daa…

They’re coloured black and white,
Don’t mind the cold at all,
They eat members of schools,
But they’re not cannibals.
(Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!)

They’re always dressed in tails
And huddle up for heat.
They’re used to icy gales
And mate on icy sheets.
(Ooh yeah! *silly voice*)

Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

Get back in the sea!

You’re a bird that can’t fly.
When the ice melts you’ll die.
Don’t breathe fishy breath on me!

They like to live in guano,
But don’t think it’s the slums.
They don’t like mecchano,
‘Cos they’ve got no thumbs.
(I’ve got opposable ones.)

With breeds like macaroni
You might think they’re tasty,
But the Emperor penguin
Banned penguin pastries.
(So there!)

Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

Get back in the sea!

You’re a bird that can’t fly.
When the ice melts you’ll die.
Don’t breathe fishy breath on me!
(Or I’ll have you for tea)!


All lyrics copyright of Hannah Sterry.

Enjoy! x

The Lesser Spotted Devonian Wellie-Wearing Blob Monster

Blob Monster Doodle by Hannah Sterry
Blob Monster Doodle by Hannah Sterry
A highly accurate self-portrait! 😛

This happened after I came across Jess Smiley’s blog and saw that he was looking for monster doodles to include in Rumpus on the Run: A Monster Look-N-Find BookIt’s well worth having a look at his illustrations, because you won’t be able to help but smile!

NAQs (Never Asked Questions): “Why does your monster have wellies?”
I’m not sure how many monsters wear wellies, but I basically live in farm country and had to climb a hedge to avoid sinking in a muddy lane the other day. Proper Devonian monsters would need to be able camouflage themselves against tractors, hedges, cliffs and mud and would probably only be able to live on Devon cream teas*!

*For some reason, the order of jam and clotted cream in a cream tea causes a lot of arguments between Cornish and Devonian people and nobody knows why.

If you’re interested in silly Devonisms, you might have a giggle at Things Devonians Don’t Say!

Please recommend any great comic/music blogs in the comments – I’d love to follow a few more!

Anyway, I’m off to have a nice dinner with my grandparents, so I’d better  go!

Blog to you soon! 😀

Thanks to Liz and Katy for the #BespokeBallads!

Published on 20 May 2013 Request your own Barclaycard bespoke ballad on Twitter with #bespokeballads. Watch Hannah's bespoke ballad written and recorded for her by Katy and Liz. Barclaycard bespoke offers Twitter: Katy's Twitter: Liz's Twitter: Want a tuneful bespoke ballad just for you? Tweet us on @bespokeoffers or use the hash tag #bespokeballads.

This arrived in my inbox today! Liz and Katy chose to write one of their #bespokeballads about me! 😀

I jokingly asked for one of the #bespokeballads a few days ago, but didn’t expect anything, so I was delighted (and amused) today when I found they’d written a song for me. They made me giggle!


Hold the front page, stop press!

Hannah’s got a story in the South West.

Sterry’s really growing Plymouth Art more.

It’s a smelly faux pas mis-typing Dartmoor!


You may think she’s only a reportist,

Look a little closer she’s a sweet jazz flautist.

We didn’t bring a flute, didn’t think we oughta,

But the flute’s really only a sideways recorder.


[Recorder Solo]


Quick, Stop The Press!

There’s a budding flower!

Another huge story on #devonhour!

Pawprints on the bed; inconsiderate cat!

While Sterry’s getting merry on the #spiritchat!


Harp Solo!


If you’re all wiped out from making animation,

It doesn’t even need to be an occasion,

If four of you want some razzmatazz,

There’s a five course meal with cocktails and jazz!


Katy and Liz are on twitter too, so they’d probably love a few follows and comments. Let them know what you think!

Katy’s Twitter:
Liz’s Twitter:

Thanks for reading and hope you’re as amused as I am! 😀

Summertime: Jazz Flute Version by Hannah Sterry

Summertime: Jazz Flute Version by Hannah Sterry

It was a lazy afternoon in Plymouth, so I decided to record a little jazz video with my boyfriend and this is how it turned out!

Let me know what you think! 🙂

Flute: Hannah Sterry (me)
Piano: Howard Kahn

Elsewhere on the internet:



North Sands Beach, Salcombe

North Sands Beach, Salcombe

The other day, while walking back from a friend’s, I decided to take a detour past North Sands Beach and happened to get such a lovely shot of the beach that I thought I’d share it with you (click to see the full image on RedBubble)!

If you’re in Salcombe at any point, it’s worth checking the tide tables before visiting North Sands, because at low tide you can climb round to North Sands Castle and at high tide there’s hardly any beach. There are paths behind the beach that lead to some beautiful woodlands that are full of bluebells at this time of year, so if you can go, it’s really worth a visit. In the meantime, I might post a few more photos of this beautiful area (and possibly some maps for suggested local walks).

Have a great summer!

Three Daily Delights

Dandelion Doodle by Sterry Cartoons
Dandelion Doodle by Sterry Cartoons
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A week or two ago I came across the wonderful Three Daily Delights blog by Stef and I loved the idea so much that I wanted to share it with you all and make my own!

Today’s Delights:

    • I found out I’ve been nominated for two awards! First, the Shine On Award from Ruby and then the Inspiring Blogger Award from Hanne (that’s the plan for the next post). Thank you so much!
    • The sun has finally appeared after days of rain. That was enough to make me smile. 😀
    • Seeing my little brother and sister take part in a lovely Easter Service at the local church (the kids were all performing the “Resurrection Rock! musical and all sang brilliantly)!

The rest of this post is all about the shine on award! Nominees revealed at the end!

The Shine On Award



1) Link back to the blogger who nominated you

2) Notify 15 bloggers

3) Answer the questions given to you

The Questions:

1) What’s your most remarkable memory from your childhood?

Difficult one! My favourite memory is of a family holiday in Spain. My sister was getting panicked about the wasps that kept buzzing around our table. Our granny just pinched one of the wasps out of the air and after that my little sister kept shouting “My granny is a star!” (with wasp-killing superpowers) at strangers! My grandparents are amazing! 🙂

2) Have you ever tried any extreme sports?

Does SCUBA diving count? I had my first diving lesson in a lake in the Midlands in freezing cold water (it was about -3 degrees celcius). We had to jump from a jetty because the slipway had frozen over and was too dangerous to use. Half-way through the first dive (only about 8 metres down), the valve on my diving partner’s compressed air tank froze shut, so I gave her my spare air mouthpiece (it’s called an octopus really, but giving someone a spare octopus sounds strange) and gradually rose to the surface.

That could have traumatised me, but I went on to do a week of diving in Cornwall with the others in the club! I love seeing so much life underwater!

3) Which recipe you would like to learn and cook?

All of them… but, I have to admit I love the puddings. I make a lot of chocolate gelato, which uses a lot of egg yolks, and often have a lot of spare egg white left over, so I’d love to be able to make a meringue that’s consistently crispy (and not soggy at the bottom). If anyone has any good tips on this, I’d love to hear!

4) Which thing could ruin your day?

A snide remark can ruin my day, but a kind, genuine comment is all it takes to fix it.

5) Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?

I prefer books to movies, but have probably seen more movies recently (partly because I’m reading a lot for my Open University course and not as much for pleasure at the moment).

My nominees for this award are:

  1. Emily Johnson – A wonderful friend and budding archaeologist! Her #FreeArcheology twitter discussion is great too!
  2. Elizabeth Norris – She sings, illustrates really cute dinosaurs and knows about the great wi-fi bear in the sky. 😛
  3. TapeParade – Touring musician who’s just started a really nice music blog! Show her some love!
  4. Mellute – Fellow flautist, student and generally nice chatty person. 🙂
  5. Alastair – Really friendly, generous blogger! He has lots of wonderful photography prints over on Society6 too!
  6. Tanya Speed – For her wonderful poems and brilliant Amanda Palmer knowledge!
  7. Rusty Doodle – He’ll make you smile!
  8. Meeka’s Mind – Amazingly generous writer and all round good ‘un! 🙂
  9. Three Daily Delights – Need I explain! Wonderful idea!
  10. Carl D’Agostino – He’s probably received this award before, but deserves another one for making us all smile. 🙂
  11. Rohan 7 Things – Extremely talented musician with interesting advice on almost everything!
  12. Miss Four Eyes – Generous blogger who made me laugh by creating the Naked Blogger Badge. Love it! 😀
  13. Hanne Fisker – She inspires me to write about Iceland and miniature adventures!
  14. Phoenix Flights – A blog for recovery! Loved the Big Cat Easter video Sista posted recently too!
  15. Inkjot Comics – Who wouldn’t want to see amusing comics on post-it notes? Makes me smile!

Those are my nominations! I know that not everyone accepts award for a whole variety of reasons (some might have received this award a few times already), but these blogs are all wonderful and the people behind them all deserve to be recognised for making me and many others smile!

Feel free to carry the award on if you think you’ll enjoy it!
If it seems like a chore, do something you enjoy and share that instead! 🙂

Thanks everyone!

The Boyfriend Song: Lyrics Only

Aimez-vous l'accent? - French music cartoon gif by Hannah Sterry

The Boyfriend Song

Do you mind conversations about zombie ninja pirates?
How about debates about the newest things in science?
Do you like Monty Python? Are you musical at all?
Can you manage to be lewd without losing your class at all?

I’d like a boyfriend please!
I’d like a boyfriend please!
It’s mostly for great company and not those birds and bees,
So I’d like a boyfriend please!
(Y’know, if it’s not too much trouble)

Are you fussy about food?
Are you considerate or rude?
Do you like cats (no, not for dinner)?
Are you taller? Fatter? Thinner?

(Could you possibly put up with my ridiculous ideas?)

Do you think this drawing’s great?
What kinds of people do you hate?
Are you kind and are you stable?
Are your hands above the table?

I’d like a boyfriend please!
I’d like a boyfriend please!
I’m obviously too fussy, but I’d like one that’s a tease.
Yep, I’d like a boyfriend please!
(Or maybe I’m closing my mind too much)

I shouldn’t be so picky about gender.
But instincts have a stranglehold on me.
It shouldn’t be my fate, to pro-cre-ate;
There are already too many fish in the sea.

If we’re going to be so ridiculously politically correct about it…
Might as well include everybody…

I’d like a girlfriend please!
I’d like a girlfriend please!
And if you’re unsure, it doesn’t matter anymore.
Leave judgements and criticisms at the door.

You could be hetero- or homo-
It’s no problem; I’m no phobe- Oh.
I just have one more thing to say:

Though, theoretically, I’ve no preference,
Logic didn’t get the reference.

So… I’d still probably like a boyfriend please.
(Apply now with your CVs.)

Lyrics © Hannah Sterry 2012
Music to follow…


I feel I should point out that I have a lovely boyfriend (and a ridiculous sense of humour), so please don’t take this seriously – it’s just a bit of fun! This is a poem/song I’d forgotten about and unearthed as I was trying to clear up the mess of files on my computer with names like “idea”, “another thing” and “messing about”.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post anyway! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Make a request! What would you like to see me play?

The many faces of Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist & Harpist
The many faces of Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist & Harpist
The many faces of Hannah Sterry: Jazz Flautist & Harpist

Hello! Hannah here!

I’m currently taking requests for harp covers and will be recording and uploading the results to youtube! I’m happy to attempt absolutely anything… well, anything possible (things like “Flight of the Bumble Bee” might be a bit of a bother). Requests for folk, heavy metal, jazz and pop are all welcome – I’ll try them all!

Feel free to request flute pieces too – If you want to hear a cool jazz version of “God Save the Queen”, or a Jethro-Tull-style rendition of Adiemus, I’ll do it – Make these suggestions as crazy and wacky as you like!

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with! Just leave a comment or send me a tweet: @Hannah Sterry