Summertime: Jazz Flute Version by Hannah Sterry

It was a lazy afternoon in Plymouth, so I decided to record a little jazz video with my boyfriend and this is how it turned out!

Let me know what you think! 🙂

Flute: Hannah Sterry (me)
Piano: Howard Kahn

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6 thoughts on “Summertime: Jazz Flute Version by Hannah Sterry

  1. very cool 🙂 love that tune. Takes me back to when my son was in the jazz band playing lead sax. Sadly missing music in the house now he’s at uni studying it.

  2. That was magic………….. all it needed was a smoke filed room and a glass of single malt.
    Thank you, I could listen to you guys all day.

  3. I love this sound. I love Summertime for sure. But your jazzy sound is so beautiful. What a lot of practice goes into getting a sound like this. But isn’t it fun? I wish I could do that. I love listening, but it is the participation that is rewarding. I sing because I enjoy it. And not because it sounds so great, but because it brings me pleasure. And when I/we are happy we are able to bring happiness to others.

    This is a link to my Summertime. Just for fun….
    Looking forward to listening to more of you. 🙂

  4. Beautiful, deep tone (and good recording quality). It makes me want to hear more, and makes me want to hear you two with a rhythm section. I think you could take the improvisation out more to the edges, but you only had about a minute or two.

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