You Turn Me On – Valentine’s Cartoon


It’s Valentine’s Day soon and you can’t expect me to miss an excuse for a pun.

There are cards, mugs and all sorts of gifts in the shop.

Thank you!

A Very Geeky Valentines Day to You!

Opposites Attract – Cartoon by Hannah Sterry.

Pacman: Natural Selection


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Ada Lovelace and the School Syllabus

Ada Lovelace
Ada Lovelace

Why is Ada Lovelace not on the school syllabus? Learning about interesting scientists and inventors in history lessons would be much more fun than killing the enthusiasm of students by studying the same two wars for years and years.

Other things that should be on the school syllabus:

  • Cooking realistic meals for one.
  • Managing tax, bills and finances.
  • General DIY
  • Basic Car/Bike Repair

These subjects shouldn’t be graded in the normal way, because the focus should be on encouragement of hard work, and not on a pointless letter on a piece of paper.

I’ll probably edit this and add some more in the future.