The Fire Horse

The Fire Horse by Hannah Sterry. An illustration of a rearing stallion on the surface of a flame-covered sun!
The Fire Horse by Hannah Sterry. An illustration of a rearing stallion on the surface of a flame-covered sun!
The Fire Horse by Hannah Sterry.

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This is an illustration I did for fun a few years ago. At the time I was at a certain well-known university studying Mathematics and battling with depression and it was just nice to create something again. Usually I’d use music to combat depression, but I discovered that playing music in halls of residence gets you hated pretty quickly by the hall wardens and there were only 8 practice rooms on campus between over 20,000 students so there were never any free (no wonder the waiting list for counselling there was about 3 months long). One of the guys in my halls resorted to practicing his saxophone in a field, because he was threatened by the hall warden for playing in his room. I’m glad that I left.

NOTE: There might be a depression post coming up soon, because I’ve recovered enough to feel strong enough to speak about it and because I think it’s good to tell people about these things for solidarity and to reduce stigma (because stigma against an illness that affects over 25% of the population at one point or another is ridiculous).

The Lesser Spotted Devonian Wellie-Wearing Blob Monster

Blob Monster Doodle by Hannah Sterry
Blob Monster Doodle by Hannah Sterry
A highly accurate self-portrait! 😛

This happened after I came across Jess Smiley’s blog and saw that he was looking for monster doodles to include in Rumpus on the Run: A Monster Look-N-Find BookIt’s well worth having a look at his illustrations, because you won’t be able to help but smile!

NAQs (Never Asked Questions): “Why does your monster have wellies?”
I’m not sure how many monsters wear wellies, but I basically live in farm country and had to climb a hedge to avoid sinking in a muddy lane the other day. Proper Devonian monsters would need to be able camouflage themselves against tractors, hedges, cliffs and mud and would probably only be able to live on Devon cream teas*!

*For some reason, the order of jam and clotted cream in a cream tea causes a lot of arguments between Cornish and Devonian people and nobody knows why.

If you’re interested in silly Devonisms, you might have a giggle at Things Devonians Don’t Say!

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Anyway, I’m off to have a nice dinner with my grandparents, so I’d better  go!

Blog to you soon! 😀