Musical Compliments - A music cartoon by Hannah Sterry (Sterry Cartoons). Musical Compliments A silly musical cartoon, showing two music notes chatting. The conversation reads: “Liking the natural look!” “Thanks! You’re looking pretty sharp yourself!” It’s just a bit of musical fun. Would make an ideal gift for anyone musical; music students, teachers and lovers of amusing puns! Designed by Hannah Sterry. Website: Follow Sterry Cartoons on: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ Sticky post

Sterry Cartoons

Sterry Cartoons began with a simple interest in illustration and comedy. The comic has received a great deal of interest online, partially due to the viral success of “Musical Compliments” (a cartoon featuring a joke about naturals and sharps), which has been shared by over 20,000 people worldwide. Inspire us to create more amusing cartoons and help share the smiles (and groans) by supporting us with … Continue reading Sterry Cartoons

Crotchety Tee by Sterry Cartoons. Jokes for music teachers and students.


Amusing t-shirt designs and illustrations by Sterry Cartoons creator, Hannah Sterry. All designs are available in mens’ and womens’ sizes on a variety of colours. Just click the images to find out more! Cute Baby Sheep Tee by Sterry Cartoons Rabbit Pi Cartoon Tee by Sterry Cartoons Crazy Computer T-Shirt by Sterry Cartoons Music Joke Cartoon Tee by Sterry Cartoons Beeline Tee Shirt by Sterry Cartoons View more Bumble … Continue reading Shop