Evolution of Music Shirts for every Instrument!

I bought my bassist boyfriend an evolution of music t-shirt for his birthday and have since had a few people ask if they exist for their instrument. Here’s a big list of Evolution of Music Shirts (and Amazon Links) for all of the different instruments I could find! BONUS SHIRT – Rock Darth Vader I hope you found the instrument you were looking for! Advertisements Continue reading Evolution of Music Shirts for every Instrument!

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Sharks love to sing

Sharks may have become my favourite thing to draw. They have such a bad reputation, but all they really want to do is eat fish and turtles and get on in life. My remedy to this is to draw them doing silly things because – as we learnt from Defense Against the Dark Arts in Harry Potter – if you turn something that scares you (Boggart or … Continue reading Sharks love to sing

Crotchety Tee by Sterry Cartoons. Jokes for music teachers and students.


Amusing t-shirt designs and illustrations by Sterry Cartoons creator, Hannah Sterry. All designs are available in mens’ and womens’ sizes on a variety of colours. Just click the images to find out more! Cute Baby Sheep Tee by Sterry Cartoons Rabbit Pi Cartoon Tee by Sterry Cartoons Crazy Computer T-Shirt by Sterry Cartoons Music Joke Cartoon Tee by Sterry Cartoons Beeline Tee Shirt by Sterry Cartoons View more Bumble … Continue reading Shop