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Sharks love to sing

Sharks may have become my favourite thing to draw. They have such a bad reputation, but all they really want to do is eat fish and turtles and get on in life. My remedy to this is to draw them doing silly things because – as we learnt from Defense Against the Dark Arts in Harry Potter – if you turn something that scares you (Boggart or … Continue reading Sharks love to sing

Ansa Back: Telling Jokes Behind Amy's Back - Photography © Mark L Jones

New Years Resolution: Start Singing Again

Resolutions aren’t something I usually bother with, but this year I want to start singing again. I used to have so much confidence – regularly singing Les Miserables tunes in the playground (mainly Castle on a Cloud) and, more embarrassingly, odd bits from S Club 7 (my friend knew all of the dance routines but didn’t like singing), and I was perfectly happy having various … Continue reading New Years Resolution: Start Singing Again