2012 Bucket List

Inspired by Lesley Carter over at Bucket List Publications, I’ve decided to make a bucket list of my own for this year and will let you know how I get on!

The list has been split in to sections, because I have a lot of specific music and cartoon aims.


  1. Study a full time music course with the Open University.
    Currently studying:

    AA302 From composition to performance: musicians at work
    A224 Inside music
  2. Continue improving my skills as a flautist and harpist.Currently studying: ABRSM Grade 8 Flute.
  3. Play the saxophone in public at least once before the end of the year.
  4. Learn the clarinet to at least Grade 5 standard.
  5. Write, sing and record at least one song on harp.
  6. Gig! Gig! Gig! As much as possible (see shows)!


  1. Release a new cartoon once every two weeks and upload to Sterry Cartoons.
    Cartoons so far: Unhappea, BreveBass Face
  2. Create a storyboard and some short animations with local animator Ben Carr.
  3. Target local music shops and sell batches of mugs/cards.


  1. Learn to drive!
  2. Add to the photography portfolio.
  3. Be happy! – I realise this one is continuous can’t ever be ticked off the list, but it’s probably one of the most important. It’s lovely being able to laugh and smile and share ideas with other people and seems to make everyone feel good.

There’s the list anyway. I’ll tick things off as I go and add links if I blog about them.

It’s fun being busy! 😀

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