Hangman & Dad Dilemmas!

Hangman (Light Version): Amusing stick man t-shirt design. Dark Version here: Hangman Dark T-Shirt  Funny cartoon featuring a game of hangman and the words “No stick men were harmed in the making of this game”.  Would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves cartoons and amusing t-shirts.  Designed by Hannah Sterry.

Hangman (Light Version): New T-Shirt design from Sterry Cartoons!
Dark Version here: Hangman Dark T-Shirt


Disclaimers are strange! I’ve often wondered why anyone still has to write “May Contain Nuts” on packets of peanuts. It’s like writing “May contain animals” on the sign for a zoo – you’d be darned disappointed if there was nothing there.

Anyway, I can guarantee that no stick men were harmed in the making of hangman, or in the making of this t-shirt, even if it is just because  2D characters are invincible and brilliant. 🙂


General Life & Nice Policemen

Silly little things happen in life and living in a tiny rural English village presents its own small amusements (even if it is just that every now and then you find that a horse has pooed in your garden). Well, today the police were parked in the road opposite my house and my dad couldn’t decide whether to go and take them a cup of tea. He didn’t go out there in the end, but maybe it’s just the thought that counts!

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