Don’t Eat The Kiwis!


Another cartoon that I’ve been wanting to release for a while!

Available on t-shirts over here: Don’t Eat The Kiwis T-Shirts


“When I’m Killin’ Zombies!” – George Formby Parody Song

Zombie cartoon clipart: "Our Love Will Survive" by ~l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l

When I’m Killin’ Zombies

*To the tune of “When I’m Cleanin’ Windows” by George Formby.

Now I go killin’ zombies to keep m’self alive

Wandering round the suburbs with me handy MP5

Now it’s a job that don’t suit me

But zombie killer you would be

If you could see the hell I see

When I’m killin’ zombies

Armageddon’s just a blast!

If only virus worked that fast

The things I do to save me arse

When I’m killin’ zombies

In my profession I’ll work hard

But I’ll never stop

I’ll kill these blasted zombies

Until I’ve had me lot

The zombie bride, she looks divine

The groom escaped her just in time

A wedding’s just a battle line

When I’m killin’ zombies

The living dead just want your brains

Don’t care for your cash or chains

The streets run red until it rains

When I’m killin’ zombies

The virus claimed this camera guy

Who ate the brains of Stephen Fry

Who knew the dead could quote QI?

When I’m killin’ zombies

In my profession I’ll work hard

But I’ll never stop

I’ll kill these blasted zombies

Until I’ve had me lot

Undead walking side by side

Arms outstretched and eyes all wide

There’s no emotion left inside

When I’m killin’ zombies

—— Instrumental ——

This living nightmare ain’t no fun

I’d never leave without my gun

Won’t stop until the battle’s won

When I’m killin’ zombies

My comrade clutches his behind

Got bitten on his… never mind

Natural selection isn’t kind

When I’m killin’ zombies

In my profession I’ll work hard

But I’ll never stop

I’ll kill these blasted zombies

Until I’ve had me lot

A zombie staggers down the street

One head shot and that guy’s dead meat

I’ll shoot ‘em back until I’m beat

When I’m killin’ zombies

When I’m killin’ zombies


Lyrics to “When I’m Killin’ Zombies” ©Hannah Sterry 2013. All rights reserved.

Some people write love songs. I write about the zombie apocalypse. Fair’s fair.

The List of Exciting Things!

New facebook page exclusively for my music.
New facebook page exclusively for my music.
Hannah Sterry Music is now on facebook!

If you’re here for the musical goings-on, you might want to head over to the facebook page, which I’ll be updating with new compositions, photos and all of my musical activity!

There are lots of things to look forward to in the next few months, so here’s a quick list of everything that’s happening!

~ The List of Exciting Things ~

July 28th

It’s my birthday (I’m getting old)! Come and celebrate with me at the Barbican Rhythm & Blues Festival in Plymouth.

July 30th
The Sterrys play jazz at The Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove from 6:45pm. Free entry, amazing view and the food is delicious!

August 4-11th
A million family things. I’m all over the place.

August 13th
More jazz at The Cottage Hotel!

August 17-25th
Activity week at PGL Barton Hall. I’ll be abseiling, kayaking, fencing, raft building etc. and hope to return with a giant sports photography portfolio.

August 27th
The Sterrys play jazz at The Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove from 6:45pm. Another night for delicious cocktails, light music and amazing sunsets over the sea.

September 6th
Playing jazz on a boat (as part of The Sterrys jazz trio)! Sadly it’s a private party, but if any of you feel like hiring some musicians for your boat, you know who to call. 

September 7th
I’ll be guesting with Hamer & Isaacs Gypsy Swing Band at Red Lion Newquay from 9:30pm.

September 14th
Private party with Ansa Back.September 24th
Seeing Bill Bailey at Plymouth Pavilions! Yay! 😀

That last one is a treat. I’ve never actually seen a live comedy show before, so it’ll be a first for me! 🙂

On the subject of Random Penguin…

Emperor Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Emperor Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Emperor Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo. Photo by Hannah Sterry.

This is a silly little song I wrote a little while ago after my friend suggested writing something about penguins. It’s recorded, but I want to record the vocals again – I’m not quite happy with them yet!

Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

Ba-da-da-daa, da-da-daa…

They’re coloured black and white,
Don’t mind the cold at all,
They eat members of schools,
But they’re not cannibals.
(Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!)

They’re always dressed in tails
And huddle up for heat.
They’re used to icy gales
And mate on icy sheets.
(Ooh yeah! *silly voice*)

Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

Get back in the sea!

You’re a bird that can’t fly.
When the ice melts you’ll die.
Don’t breathe fishy breath on me!

They like to live in guano,
But don’t think it’s the slums.
They don’t like mecchano,
‘Cos they’ve got no thumbs.
(I’ve got opposable ones.)

With breeds like macaroni
You might think they’re tasty,
But the Emperor penguin
Banned penguin pastries.
(So there!)

Penguin! Penguin! Penguin!

Get back in the sea!

You’re a bird that can’t fly.
When the ice melts you’ll die.
Don’t breathe fishy breath on me!
(Or I’ll have you for tea)!


All lyrics copyright of Hannah Sterry.

Enjoy! x

Sterry Cartoons Competition Results!

Rabbit Pi by Hannah Sterry (Sterry Cartoons)

Hello and thank you to all of the the people who suggested cartoons for my mini competition. There were quite a few good ones, both on Sterry Cartoons facebook page and on twitter (@HannahSterry).


“It’s PC gone mad!” ~ Bilgeboy Bob
“The iphone” ~ Pete Foreman
“Isambard Kingdom Brunel trying to construct Ikea furniture.” ~ Mitch Mitchell

I have already drawn two of these (and a bonus Rabbit Pi), just for fun:

Tonight’s project is going to be drawing Isambard Kingdom Brunel and possibly Miss Von Trapp (she’s got a little mini competition going on).

Friendly Tweeting

I was chatting to a few lovely people on twitter and asked whether they’d like some cartoons too. Here’s what they came up with:

I’ll be drawing and posting these throughout the week and have already started sketching them! I might draw a few more, because some of the suggestions were so good!

Hope you’ve all had a good week and keep creating! 😀

It’s PC gone mad, I tell you!

"It's PC gone mad, I tell you!" by Sterry Cartoons. Cartoon requested by Bilgeboy Bob.
“It’s PC gone mad, I tell you!” by Sterry Cartoons. Cartoon requested by ‘Bilgeboy Bob’.

Last week I asked people to send in their requests for Sterry Cartoons on Facebook and here’s the first completed cartoon!

This particular request was from ‘Bilgeboy Bob’, who suggested:

A crossed eyed cartoon computer with tongue hanging out, jumping up and down – caption “It’s PC gone mad, I tell you!”

I think I got most of it, except the jumping up and down part. I really enjoyed drawing the ridiculous expressions! 😛

‘Like’ Sterry Cartoons on Facebook for more silliness!

Fathers’ Day Feature

This bit of the post is a few days late. My dad drew me this cartoon on Fathers’ Day and made me smile, so I thought I’d share it with you too. If you ever need a cool saxophonist or someone to quote amusing bits of Jasper Carrot and Blackadder, he’s the guy to ask!

Emo Toucan Emoticon! Fathers' Day Cartoon from Dad.
Emo Toucan Emoticon! Fathers’ Day Cartoon from Dad.

Anyway, I’d better get on with drawing the next of my silly cartoons. This time the suggestion is from Pete Foreman, who had a load of brilliant requests:

A knapsack with sleeping cats in it? An old fashioned telephone that, instead of a number wheel, has an eye in the centre of it (an iPhone)? In a similar vein, a pocket watch? A handbag?

Hopefully I’ll manage to complete one of them tonight! x

Thanks to Liz and Katy for the #BespokeBallads!

Published on 20 May 2013 Request your own Barclaycard bespoke ballad on Twitter with #bespokeballads. Watch Hannah's bespoke ballad written and recorded for her by Katy and Liz. Barclaycard bespoke offers Twitter: Katy's Twitter: Liz's Twitter: Want a tuneful bespoke ballad just for you? Tweet us on @bespokeoffers or use the hash tag #bespokeballads.

This arrived in my inbox today! Liz and Katy chose to write one of their #bespokeballads about me! 😀

I jokingly asked for one of the #bespokeballads a few days ago, but didn’t expect anything, so I was delighted (and amused) today when I found they’d written a song for me. They made me giggle!


Hold the front page, stop press!

Hannah’s got a story in the South West.

Sterry’s really growing Plymouth Art more.

It’s a smelly faux pas mis-typing Dartmoor!


You may think she’s only a reportist,

Look a little closer she’s a sweet jazz flautist.

We didn’t bring a flute, didn’t think we oughta,

But the flute’s really only a sideways recorder.


[Recorder Solo]


Quick, Stop The Press!

There’s a budding flower!

Another huge story on #devonhour!

Pawprints on the bed; inconsiderate cat!

While Sterry’s getting merry on the #spiritchat!


Harp Solo!


If you’re all wiped out from making animation,

It doesn’t even need to be an occasion,

If four of you want some razzmatazz,

There’s a five course meal with cocktails and jazz!


Katy and Liz are on twitter too, so they’d probably love a few follows and comments. Let them know what you think!

Katy’s Twitter:
Liz’s Twitter:

Thanks for reading and hope you’re as amused as I am! 😀

Shaving a Cactus

Vanity: Cartoon cactus shaving with razor.

Vanity: Cartoon cactus shaving with razor.

Vanity is very silly.

I don’t really understand why there’s so much pressure for women to shave off various areas of body hair. You only have to leave it for a few days and the the hair is back… your legs feeling like they’re covered in hundreds of tiny cactus spikes. Might as well save the money on razors and use the time to draw silly cartoons of cacti instead!

People are funny animals.