Give me jobs in the shire, keep me working!

Smeaton's Tower is the third and most notable Eddystone Lighthouse. It marked a major step forward in the design of lighthouses. In use until 1877, it was largely dismantled and rebuilt on Plymouth Hoe in the city of Plymouth, Devon, where it now stands as a memorial to its designer, John Smeaton, the celebrated civil engineer. Photo by Hannah Sterry.
Smeaton’s Tower: Lightouse on Plymouth Hoe.
Photo by Hannah Sterry.

Give me jobs in the shire, keep me working.
Give me jobs in the shire, I pray.
Give me jobs in the shire, keep me earning,
‘Cos I can’t afford the rent with no pay.

End recession!
End recession!
End recession or we’ll all be stuck.

End recession!
End recession!
This economy is all messed up.


I might get told off for this, but I’ve posted it anyway. It’s not meant in disrespect and if you’re offended, just remember that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting things in the world to be better. “Give Me Oil In My Lamp” is a really catchy tune too.

And… if anyone’s hiring I’m looking for jobs in Plymouth (UK) and would love to hear from you!

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