Music Cartoon: Musical Compliments

I got a tablet yesterday, so I’ve been trying to re-draw my old cartoons and had a few new ideas along the way. Anyway… here’s the new digital version of the Musical Compliments cartoon. Hope it makes a few of you music teachers and students chuckle! 😀

Musical Compliments - Music Cartoon by Hannah Sterry. Comic shows some music notes complimenting each other. Text reads: "Liking the natural look!" "Thanks! You're looking pretty sharp yourself!" Great joke for music teachers and students.
Musical Compliments
“Liking the natural look!”
“Thanks! You’re looking pretty sharp yourself!”
Image © Hannah Sterry 2012. All rights reserved.


The cartoons reads:

“Liking the natural look!”

“Thanks! You’re looking pretty sharp yourself!”

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3 thoughts on “Music Cartoon: Musical Compliments

  1. I am still at the Foray rolle pen level. I draw first draft, then retrace and then use gimp to clean it up. Learning how to color with gimp. I don’t think I’d be any good with the tablet thing. Thank for visit my blog.

    1. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do. I’m looking in to drawing cleaner cartoons using vector graphics software, but don’t want to lose the nice feel that hand drawn cartoons have. Found your blog because of the music cartoon – I really like that one! 🙂

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