Go on! Play with your Food!

The village horticultural show happened last week, which meant that the house was full of delicious home-made cakes that I wasn’t allowed to eat and my mini-siblings were entering all sorts of craft competitions! My favourite competition was probably “Create a Vegetable Animal”, partly because I got to eat half a watermelon (see the turtle) and because the results were just brilliant. It made me wonder who made the silly “Don’t Play with Your Food” rule because… who wouldn’t want a whole kitchen full of things like this:

Myrtle the Watermelon-Turtle

Myrtle the Watermelon Turtle. Created by a mini-sibling.
Myrtle the Watermelon Turtle. Created by a mini-sibling.


Pineapple Owl!
Pineapple Owl! Created by another mini-sibling.

Caterpillar Cake

Not a vegetable animal, but still delicious!

Caterpillar Cake!
Caterpillar Cake!

So, kids and adults… have fun and be creative with your food!

Hannah x

P.S. Sadly all of these creatures have now been eaten. Pineapple owl was chopped up and used in a fruit salad.

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